This is not about outdoor stuff DIY on a grand scale but more about the great power of a small thing, be it a sewing machine or the skill and dedication to sew manually. Works the same.

Old stuff

My old outdoor pants, that first pair I bought so long ago and that were in an advanced state of decay, yet I’d keep using them because they were simple, functional and comfortable enough despite the general wearing down and the broken bits. Be it laziness, lack of time or of the vision to prioritize tasks properly, I’d never got myself to repair them and bring them back to normal.

I eventually did. I went through the overwhelming task of getting the sewing machine out and as usual everything went smoothly from then on.

A short while and a few seams later, my old pants were back to fully functional. Worn out discoloured but in good working order.

The normal, modern thing would have been to throw them away. Nevermind the shabby looks but I had to concede they were not comfortable wear anymore. A short sewing while later and now I can rest at peace with my own values. I may use the pants for another 15 year round.

DIY may be used for big projects and that’s so very fine, I (used to) do that too. Here I wanted to highlight the power and beauty of the simple repair work that can so easily turn potential trash back into a useful thing. The good old concept.

The magic tool

It made me feel so well and I recall that feeling now every time I wear my old pants again.