• The Outdoor Smartphone
    Smartphones may be great navigators but they're not built for the backcountry. Instead of reusing your urban device, it might be interesting to have a dedicated, backcountry specific one. I've tried one.
  • Pack Smart: Sunglasses
    This is one of those small things that matter from a packing efficiency perspective. It is actually a very silly, common sense little topic but where market trends may easily lead us to the dark side
  • Ski-Packing
    Packing for a ski trip is not the same as packing for hiking on dirt and the differences are well beyond the obvious. It's a packing style of its own
  • Owning a PLB
    First it was GSM. Then it was GPS. Then I got PLB. Everytime defines a milestone from which hiking will never be the same again
  • Sierra Designs Elite Cagoule
    One of the problems with rain jackets is what happens at their lower edge: water drips down over a sensitive area. It may make sense to move the drip line further down
  • Everything inside the pack
    I had this revelation moment once during the early days of my hiking career. It was a very silly thing but it was symbolic. It opened a big door
  • Hyperlight Mountain Gear 3400 Southwest mid-term review
    I’ve put the HMG 3400 Southwest to a serious test now: a non-supported, 8 day trek where my max load (with 8 days worth of food) was above 34 lbs
  • HMG 3400 Southwest pack short-term review
    A weekend out in mild, post-summer conditions for an initial trial of my new toy
  • Hyperlight Mountain Gear 3400 Southwest: my new pack
    I got this pack as my new thru-hiking pack. I researched the market for a pack that would meet my requirements and the Southwest won
  • Pyramids
    A pyramid may be the most versatile shelter geometry and the best compromise for the long distance hiker. This is an analysis of the reasons why
  • Understanding layers
    Layering is intuitive, most people do it regularly without thinking about it but the best performance requires some deeper analysis. This is it
  • Keep hands comfortable in sustained cold & damp conditions
    Understanding why hands get cold and what we can do to avoid it is very important for a general well-being in the outdoors. It's about comfort and it's also about safety