Viajar a pie

"Viajar a pie" is Spanish for "Travelling on foot"

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The PCT is getting increasing media attention. In 2006, two proffessional, independent producers took their cameras out and tried to show the world how it feels to spend a few months of your life on this wonderful trail:

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On the trail, I’m never alone. Music is always with me, setting my pace, shaping my mood. And I have this set of crappy but still meaningful pictures. It seemed straightforward to put both things together. Music is such a powerful tool to communicate emotions and feelings.

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Chaotically updated from day 0, April 27th 2006

September 22nd 2006, 10.30 h


Currently waiting not for the snow to melt but to stop falling. Record breaking March snow fall has changed everything but one thing: I’m going. Adding stuff to the seasonal list: crampons, VB socks, WP gaiters, GPS… ¿snowshoes?

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I’ve been a very gear conscious hiker for years, always looking for that perfect balance between weight and function. This trip was, among other things, a test for the viability of my 3 season system from a versatility and durability point of view, hence it was important for me to keep the gear kit consistent throughout the whole trip: no gear swapping or even replacing

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Gear preview

Gear is important. It shouldn’t be more important than the trip itself but it’s so fun to play with gear, to try things, to see what works and what doesn’t, to add weight to the equation and play again…

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Never mind all your motivation, there are at least a couple of issues that bear mentioning. They may be more or less important depending on season and timing but be sure you’ll have to face at least some snow and water. Hiking on either is nothing like hiking on dirt.

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I keep thinking of my expectations matching, or not, what I found on the trail, of others’ views on the hike, the come back home, what it all meant… the good and bad things, the difficulties, the feelings along the way… and all I can think of is how different we all are! which is something I already knew, we all know that but it’s still striking to find out with such clarity.

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Planning for a 5 month trip can’t be anything but loose. You wouldn’t plan your day to day for a 5 month period anyway because it wouldn’t work and it won’t work on the trail either.

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The PCT is not a particularly difficult route but it’s probably true that one needs some know-how and experience to do it. Just wanting to do it is not enough, this is not a long stroll in the park.

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I’d hiked on the PCT before. The first time, I just didn’t even knew, I just wanted to hike in Yosemite because I was on holidays and I wanted to hike and Yosemite was famous and it had to be so for a reason. I then knew about this John Muir Trail and thought it’d be great for the scheduled week I had. Then I knew the JMT shared the tread with something much longer.

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