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"Viajar a pie" is Spanish for "Travelling on foot"

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Ultralight in the High Latitudes

Does it apply at all?

The Lightweight Backpacker in the High Latitudes

You’ll have heard the argument many times: UL is fine and dandy in predictable, mild environments like (the example goes on and on) the US southwest. Such argument is usually a way of saying it doesn’t work anywhere else with a rougher climate. It may look like basic nay-saying but it may undermine your UL plans when visiting such a place as Iceland1.

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Ultralight Mythology

Thinking ultralight challenges the doctrine and the doctrine inevitably strikes back. The following is about some of the usual arguments thrown on the ultralight style

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Lightweight winter packing is heavy

This is striking: the same techniques that render a featherweight summer pack put a brick on your shoulders in the winter. It may seem obvious why but let’s do a bit of analysis: it’s always fun and sometimes revealing.

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Ultralight in the arctic

Handy scale in Alesjaure

At nearly max weight for the trip with 11 days worth of food

One of the issues with ultralight or lightweight hiking is overcoming the fear of being unprepared for the conditions. It’s something you learn with practice but that fear comes back when you face a new set of conditions. This is particularly true when you’re about to travel to an isolated place with potentially severe weather.

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